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Itchy Scratchy ticky Days of Summer

Oh the joys of summer! ticks, fleas, mosquitoes! why on earth were these pestilences created in the first place. I see no reason for their existence. I may as well add flies to that list also. We always had the dog ticks around here. With the land next to us going wild, with meadow flowers, and grasses, it looks like Little House on the Prairie over there. Deer have come in to enjoy the the fruits of this wild oasis in the city. They are not the only forest denizens to move into town; Mr. and Mrs. Red Fox have been spotted with their new baby kits; raccoons have been making cameo appearances, and of course, the gray squirrels have added many more babies this spring. With these wild critters come the tiny deer ticks. They are very hard to spot.. in fact, they look like a spot or a freckle, only they are mobile. And they move FAST! These are not lazy old fashioned ticks. They are speedy, small versions of their cousins. And once bitten, you won't likely forget it because weeks after the tick has been yanked out of your skin, the spot itches and demands attention to it. This is a good reason to let your finger nails grow. Dig dig dig it! Frontline Plus for the dogs is our poison of choice to keep the tick population manageable. I wish someone would come up with something for humans.. after having been bitten at least 5 times already this season, I'm ready to purchase a flea/tick collar and wear it. They should refashion them for the human fashionista. Wally is a tick and flea magnet. Perhaps it is his short stature. As he noses through the grass they hopealong for the ride. The Danes, Josey and Bud, being long legged, like antelopes, seem to avert the same magnetic tick abilities. I love summer, but can really do without the parasites, thank you very much. lol